(Tie) Some like Hani, Hanaa, and Shayma were deemed just as worthy of winning as Joseph. Season 2, 2003: Marcus Vinícius - Star Academy 8: Ahmed Ezzat (Egypt) – 4 wins. Yasmine (Morocco) Season 3, 2009: Alpha Rwirangira Hanna El Idrissi Morocco. (Tie) |Chantal 18.21% Mohameds 14.89% Hanane 66.90% Season 3, 2004: Tiago Silva 2. Mónica Rodríguez was chosen as the winner by the jury, however César Ávila was the most voted by the public. At the end of the show, an album featuring the Top 8 was released, as well as a music video for the winner. Season 4, 2006–2007: Shatha Hassoun Marwa (Egypt) 15. Through the zoom online platform we can provide top quality instruction internationally. - Star Academy 11: Mohammed Abass (Egypt) Meteb (Saudi Arabia) Mohamad A, Bashar, Bahaa, Ahmad, Mohamad K, Sophia, Cynthia, and Myriam (the Top 8) were chosen to be part of the tour. -Star Academy 10: Mina Atta (Egypt) .Nesma Mahgoub (Egypt); Second Winner from Egypt & Second Female Winner. Menna (Egypt) Tickets to show became harder to get as the show went on. Depuis le 12 janvier 2002, jour de sa fameuse victoire de l'émission de TF1, Jenifer, alors âgée de 20 ans, a désormais bien grandi ! - Star Academy 5: Zaher Saleh (Palestine)- 3 wins. Season 3, 2003–2004: Vicente Seguí The show became an instant success and an everyday much-watched event across the Arab world. Marita Abi Nader -Star Academy 10: - Star Academy 4: Mohamed Kammah (Egypt) – 2 wins. - Star Academy 7: Mohammed Ramadan (Jordan) – 3 wins. [6] Numerous reporters in Saudi newspapers praised Star Academy as an alternative to the extremist dogma that had taken over mass media in the nation. .Michel Azzi (Lebanon). (Tie) - Star Academy 7: Nassif Zeytoun (Syria) Season 5, 2012–2013: F.A.N.S. - Star Academy 4: Sally (Egypt) – 5 nominations (Tie) (Tie) Nour Farawati Khalifa Salem UAE. (Tie) (Tie) . Jihan (Morocco) The fifth season of Star Academy began on 25 January 2008. The winner was the Egyptian candidate, Mohammad Attia. - Star Academy 1: Soumaya (Tunisia) – 4 nominations (Tie) Season 2, 2008: Esther Nabaasa Mugizi Season 2, 2003–04: Sofia Vitória The first season ended on 4 April 2004. Despite her modeling career, Khalife's fame started in 2004 when she began hosting the first season of the pan-Arab televised talent show Star Academy on LBCI. -Star Academy 7: The first season ended on 4 April 2004. The students, particularly the Top 8, became household names, and those that made the Top 8 became instant stars. -Star Academy 4: - Star Academy 8: Nesma Mahgoub (Egypt) Season 2, 2010: Alexandru Belenki The final prime of Star Academy 5 held on 23 May 2008, witnessed the crowning of Nader Guirat, the first winner from Tunis and the Maghreb region. (Tie) Season 6, 2006: Cyril Cinélu Season 8, 2008: Mickels Réa Fadi Andraos Palestine. (Tie) One of the show's highlights are the appearances of some of the Arab World's most important performers such as Najwa Karam, Diana Haddad, Haifa Wahbe, Elissa, Angham, Assala Nasri, Ramy Ayach, Myriam Fares, Kazem Al Saher, Nawal Al-Zoghbi, Marwan Khoury, Carole Samaha, Ehab Tawfik, Wael Kfoury, Sherine, Fares Karam, Abdallah Al Rowaished, Saad Lamjarred and many more. [2], The concept of the show is training the students in several disciplines: singing, acting, sports, vocalizing, theatre expression, dancing, and musical culture. There were eight contestants that were remaining in the competition at the time of the show's cancellation. 6. - Star Academy 4: Marwa Bin Sughaiyer (Tunisia) Tina (Lebanon) Season 7, 2007–2008: Quentin Mosimann Star Academy est une émission de télévision française de télé réalité musicale diffusée sur TF1 du 20 octobre 2001 au 19 décembre 2008 puis sur NRJ 12 sous le nom Star Academy Revolution à partir du 6 décembre 2012, jusqu'au 28 février 2013.La présentation est assurée par Nikos Aliagas sur TF1, puis par Matthieu Delormeau et Tonya Kinzinger sur NRJ 12. He is also the winner with the most nominations in the show's history, with a record 4 nominations. - Star Academy 4:Maisoun Sedaki (Egypt)- 2 wins. Season 3, 2007–08: Vânia Fernandes Season 4, 2009: Maxime Landry Bianca Gonzalez (Season 1) Season 4, 2005: Fabio Souza, Season 1, 2003: Wilfred Le Bouthillier 1. However, for unknown reasons, the tour was cancelled. [1], The show centers around the 16 candidates who compete in weekly talent competitions, singing, dancing, and acting during on-stage performances. Omar (Iraq) -Star Academy 2: ZeeZee Adel (Egypt) .Ibrahim Dashti (Kuwait). - Star Academy 11: Raphael Jabbour (Lebanon) – 3 wins. . ^Note 1.2 : One week after the beginning of the program, She was chosen to participate in the program because of the withdrawal of the Syrian candidate Wafaa due to some pregnancy problems. |Souhila ? - Star Academy 8: Gilbert Simon (Lebanon) – 2 wins. ^Note 4.1 : As there was a tie, Ali had the casting vote and he saved Sally. .Nader Guirat (Tunisia); Winner. -Star Academy 2: Alors que le 18 janvier dernier, l'acteur Jean-Pierre Bacri nous quittait à l'âge de 69 ans, voilà qu'une ancienne 5. - Star Academy 10: Mina Atta (Egypt) – 2 wins. ^Note 5.2 : As there was a tie, Dia had the casting vote and she saved Amal M Once again, 9 students were chosen for the tour. Season 4, 2010: Davis Hillary Ntare - Star Academy 10: Abdelsalam Alzayid (Kuwait) – 5 nominations. Sahwi activists distributed a series of audiocassette sermons entitled "Satan Academy" while still others created similar sermons that compared the reality show to the virulent virus that had caused severe respiratory syndrome in the population. Season 6, 2008: Virginia Maestro عراك بين الطلاب الشباب داخل الاكاديمية - Candidates Conflict in Star Academy 10 - Duration: 6:28. Shadya (Morocco) It was also the first time where the Top finishing students did not all go on tour. . Bashar Al Shatty (Kuwait) has gained much success in his three albums which he released over the last five years. Shada Hassoun, from Iraq and Morocco, made history by being the first girl to take the title. (Tie) Hani Housien Egypt. Season 2, 2008: Vladimir Dantes & Vadim Oleynik . Season 3, 2005–2006: Benjamín Rosales Zaki Chreif Haitham (Saudi Arabia) [3], The show proved to be immensely popular. [7], Other liberals were exasperated by the conservatives’ excessive reaction to Star Academy. Jaber (Bahrain) Faustine avait participé à la Star Academy en 2006. - Star Academy 6: Basma Boussil (Morocco) [11], Major controversy began when it came time to vote off that week's losing contestant. 4. The nomination is done by the teaching staff after the candidates undergo an evaluation test the day before Sunday. The season was produced by Endemol Shine Middle East and broadcast on Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation International aka LBC Lebanon) and Capital Broadcasting Center aka CBC (Egypt) tv networks. The five-storey building housing Georgia's "Star Academy" collapsed on April 26, 2009, during production of the show's second season. Hanan (Morocco) Season 3, 2009: Stas Shurins - Star Academy 7: Tahra (Morocco)- 5 wins; More than any contestant in Star Academy history. The candidate that took the 9th place, Bruno Tabbal, participated in the "World Best" contest that englobed about 11 countries that have this reality show in their country. (Tie) Maria Sarkis |Dena 45.68 Rapheal 54.32% After carrying out a series of auditions for thousands of people throughout Spain, on October 22, 2001, the first Operación Triunfo season began airing on Spanish television channel, La 1. Ali ?% Chantal ?% . Soukaina Boukries Pan regional version with 11 African countries involved: Arab world version, with 19 contestants chosen from the. Elle est décédée le 29 janvier à l’âge de 31 ans des suites du syndrome de Gougerot-Sjögren, une maladie auto-immune. . ^Note 1.1 : As there was a tie, Sophia had the casting vote and she saved Bruno. ‎صفحة مخصصة لاسترجاع احلى ذكريات اكاديمية‎ Season 12, 2021: Upcoming season[17], Season 1, 2007–2008: Olga Tsibulska & Alexander Bodyansky . Star Academy 11 began in October 2015 and ended in January 2016 with the crowning of this season's winner Marwan Youssef from Lebanon. A total of 16 contestants were candidates for the prize. .Mohamed Qwidar (Jordan). Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. His album has been the most successful among all student from Star Academy thus far, and has also dwarfed the albums of any of the contestants from rival show SuperStar on Future TV. Zinab Oussama - Star Academy 4: Carlo Nakhla (Lebanon) Star Academy : une ancienne candidate est décédée à l'âge de 31 ans Elise Petter. The winner of Star Academy 6 made history by being the first contestant from a country that already had a student win from it. . Ihab (Morocco). Season 2, 2016: Vania Taborga, Season 1, 2002: Vanessa Jackson Season 2, 2009: Mike Anyasodo - Star Academy 11: Hanane El Khader (Morocco) – 4 nominations (Tie), Most nominated contestants' wins by Public votes: Star Academy 6 has undergone some major changes, the studio was enlarged and the Academy itself went through an extreme makeover and now includes a theater for movies, a spa, and a DJ Studio. Season 6, 2009: Abdulaziz Abdulrahman - Star Academy 8: Sarah Farah (Syria) Nesma Alaa Ali Mahgoub, a 20-year-old student from Egypt, was the winner this year. - Star Academy 5:Dia'a Taybi (Morocco)- 3 wins. . ^Note 3.4 : He withdrew from the academy after being nominated and saved by his colleagues vote and not by the public's vote. ^Note 5.3 : He withdrew from the academy in the semifinals week due to several fights with Mohamad qwidaer which made him take the decision to leave the academy. Star Academy 6: Lara scandar (Egypt): 64.91% (Al-Humaydan, 2005) CBC And LBCI, the networks airing the show, reaped huge profits from the show but have been unable to replicate the show's success with other reality shows.[2]. - Star Academy 4: Ali (KSA) – 5 nominations (Tie) Season 6, 2013: Olawale Ayodele During the prime show, the candidates perform and sing either by themselves or with guest artists. Star Academy 2: Hisham Abdulrahman (KSA): 85.04% - Star Academy 2: Amani (Tunisia) – 2 wins. - Star Academy 4:Sally Ahmed (Egypt)- 2 wins. It quickly became a popular show. (Tie) .Amani Swisy (Tunisia). Hilda Khalife is a Lebanese TV presenter born on August 9, 1973. Season 4, 2010–11: Jorge Roque, Season 1, 2008–2009: Alexandru Manciu Rym Ghazali Algeria. - Star Academy 8: Nisma Mahgoub (Egypt) – 2 wins. Two people on the production staff were killed, and the series was cancelled out of respect to those that were affected by the collapse. (Tie) Joseph Attieh, who is a radio and TV production student received a trophy, $50,000 in cash and a brand new 2006 car. [6], While there was much criticism of the show by the area’s more conservative members of society, many liberals praised the novel approach to television media. Every day, there is a one-hour "access" show that goes over the day's important and exciting events. The French-Canadian adaptation (based on the French version) is expected to return in winter 2021. Star Academy 4: Abdul Aziz-Alaswad (Kuwait): 64.25% -Star Academy 5: - Star Academy 8: Mohamed Daqdouq (Syria) – 2 wins. Marwan later went on to release a second single alone with Watary Productions record label titled "Rafed Saddek," which saw great success and lead to him filming his first music video for the song. . ^Note 3.1 : As there was a tie, Mohammad Ibrahim had the casting vote and he saved Mohamed Dossary . Une ancienne candidate, Faustine vient de mourir à l'âge de 31 ans d'une maladie rare. - Star Academy 1: Mohammad Attia (Egypt)- 3 wins. Star Academy 8: Ahmed Ezzat (Egypt): 81.88% Season 2, 2004–2005: Hisham Abdulrahman - Star Academy 1: Mira Mikhail (Lebanon)- 2 wins. [10] Not once throughout the program was al-Hariri's name said; instead, the show was made to be a demonstration of renewed patriotism. . It kept on growing with its dancers and team until it became the best in Lebanon. Season 2, 2003: Shona Kipling (Tie) Marwan is the second Lebanese contestant to win the first place title after Joseph Attieh (Star Academy 3). Season 7, 2010: Nassif Zeytoun .Abdulaziz Abdelrahman (KSA); Second Winner from KSA . Season 6, 2021: Upcoming season[2], Season 1, 2006: Valerie Kimani [6], Season 1, 2016: David Soliz Season 4, 2011: Monica Ogah Mohammed Chahin from Egypt became the 4th Egyptian to win the title, and the 3rd consecutive one after Mahmoud Mohey in Season 9 and Nesma Mahgoub In Season 8 . (Tie) Image via Beirut.com Ever wonder what the top 8 finalists have been up … - Star Academy 8: Layan Bazlamit (Palestine)- 3 wins. Season 7, 2014: Geoffrey Oji .Ahmed Ezzat (Egypt); (Jordan) Mostafa (Lebanon) Star Academy is in essence a singing competition, where the lowest vote-receiver each week must leave the show, ending finally when only one person remains. It aired on three channels including LBCI and CBC Egypt. Season 5, 2005: Magalie Vaé we look forward to providing you up to date news and our unique entertainment. - Star Academy 9: Nour Farawati (Syria)- 3 wins. - Star Academy 9: Lilia Ben Chikha (Tunisia) – 2 wins. -Star Academy 9: - Star Academy 3: Hana'a Idrissy (Morocco) - Star Academy 6: Aya (Egypt) – 2wins (Tie) At the end of every week, one contestant is kicked off by a public vote by the viewers.[1]. ^Note 3.3 : As there was a tie, Chayma had the casting vote and she saved Mohammad Ibrahim . Chayma Hilaly Tunisia. ^Note 8.1 : As there was a tie, Karim had the casting vote and he saved Nina. - Star Academy 5: Dia'a Taybi (Morocco) – 6 nominations (Tie) - Star Academy 4: Ali Al-Saad (KSA)- 4 wins. It was also noteworthy to feature the first female contestant from the Persian Gulf, Shoroq (from Bahrain), as well as the first contestant from Oman, Ayoub. There were ten contestants remaining in the competition at the time of the show's cancellation. But once again, for unknown reasons, the tour was canceled. In 2017, the series was revived in Spain after six years of absence. - Star Academy 8: Sarah Farah (Syria) – 2 wins. (Tie) -Star Academy 5: Shahinaz (Egypt) Among many other prizes awarded to the winner of the season, Marwan Youssef won a song produced by Endemol, and released his first single "Watan Hobi." Nassif, Rahma, Mohamed R, Ramy, Badria, Sultan, Asma, Tahra, Mahmoud, Zeina, Abdulaziz, Miral and Rayan were chosen to be part of the tour, but following the shocking and unexpected death of Ramy, the tour was cancelled. -Star Academy 11 Like other Lebanese channels, LBC suspended its regular programing to focus all attention on the aftermath of the assassination, including a ten-day hiatus of Star Academy. - Star Academy 8: Ahmed Ezzat (Egypt) – 5 nominations (Tie) (Tie) Thank you! (Tie) . She is one of the most successful TV presenters in the Arab world. (Tie) .Sarah Farah (Syria); Efram (Lebanon) He took the 10th place, and the French person, Elodie Frégé, won. . Another change was the increase in the number of students, from 19 in the previous season to now 20. The show follows 16 candidates through their weeks living in "The Academy," training with "teachers," and performing their talents in live on-stage shows. - Star Academy 7: Tahra (Morocco)- 7 nominations; More than any contestant in Star Academy history. The winner of Star Academy 10 made history by being the first contestant from a country that already had a student win from it. -Star Academy 6: As the CBC station also provides satellite connections to more than two dozen Arab countries and to Egyptian and/or Arab communities throughout the world, it became one of the most popular shows in the Arab-speaking world. It's a cold December 2003 evening, you're slacking in front of the TV after a long day, watching the inaugural prime of the first ever season of Star Academy Arabia, the reality show that is just about to have the entire Arab World hooked for the next four months to come… Now that the mood has been set, grab hold of your fictional TV remote, press … Also being crowned as the most successful teenage singer in the Persian Gulf region was added to his success of being the Star Academy finalist. In their view, the show acted as an invitation to dialogue as well as an inspiring lesson in democracy. .Nassif Zeytoun (Syria); Winner. Star Academy 11: Raphael Jabbour (Lebanon): 70.76%, Contestants that left from first nomination: This is the intro of the first prime of LBC Star Academy 5. 9. - Star Academy 8: Nesma Mahgoub (Egypt) Abdulaziz Abdulrahman from Saudi Arabia became the second Saudi Arabian, after Hisham Abdulrahman from season 2, to win the title. There were also many other strong performers like Fadi, Khalifa, Rakiya, Maya, and Wajdi. - Star Academy 9: Nour Farawati (Syria) – 4 nominations (Tie) The first season of Star Academy 1 made its debut in early December 2003. - Star Academy 2: Hisham Abdulrahman (KSA) – 4 wins. - Star Academy 2: Amani Swaisi (Tunisia) Star Academy 10: Ibtissam Tiskat (Morocco): 75.84% However, the most successful was Ahmed El Sherif (Tunisia), despite coming in the 5th place. |Anis 54.30% Mabell 45.70% On Friday, a special live show called "Prime" is broadcast. Contestants that eventually signed with Rotana: Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation International, "Reality Television, Gender, and Authenticity in Saudi Arabia", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Star_Academy_(Arabia)&oldid=998846333#Star_Academy_1, Television articles with incorrect naming style, Reality television articles with incorrect naming style, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Star Academy 1, Star Academy 8, Star Academy 9, Star Academy 10, Star Academy 1 (2003–2004): Mohamed Attieh, Music Instructor: Michel Fadel/ Amir Theyma, Fitness Instructor: George Assaf ( change annually ), Mohammad Attia (Winner; released one album), Bahaa' El Kafy (3rd place; released one album), Mohammad Khalawi (4th place; released one album), Ahmed El Sherif (5th place; released two albums), Cynthia Karam (7th place; no albums released), Myriam Attallah (8th place; no albums released), Star Academy 1: 5th place: Ahmad Al Sharief, Star Academy 1: 2nd place: Bashar Al Shatti, Star Academy 2: Winner: Hisham Abdulrahman, Star Academy 2: 5th place: Bashar Ghazawi, Star Academy 5: 5th place: Abdullah Al-Dosery, Star Academy 5: 15th place: Khalid Bu Sakher, This page was last edited on 7 January 2021, at 08:13. Patrick Kielty (Seasons 1–3) . - Star Academy 5: Nader (Tunisia) – 3 wins. The other candidate has to leave the academy immediately. - Star Academy 1: Mira (Lebanon) – 4 nominations (Tie) - Star Academy 11: Raphael Jabbour (Lebanon) – 4 nominations (Tie) The live show will often feature special guest stars, with whom some of the contestants have the opportunity to sing. Star Academy 1 et 2 : Que sont-ils devenus ? Season 2, 2009: Cancelled[10], Season 1, 2005: Qazi Touqeer & Ruprekha Banerjee, Season 1, 2006: Yeng Constantino - Star Academy 4: Nelly Ma3to2 (Lebanon)- 3 wins. [8], A major liberal voice hailed from within the royal family when Prince Al-Waleed Bin Talal, a major stakeholder in LBC, supported Star Academy by sending his private plane to Beirut to bring the winner back to Saudi Arabia. Season 7, 2007: Anastasiya Prikhodko, Season 1, 2001–2002: Rosa López . Jean Chahid ^Note 6.1 : He withdrew from the academy after not being in the weekly top 5. On Friday, there is a live performance show where the candidates compete against each other, sometimes alongside famous domestic and international stars, and are voted off one by one. Once again, unlike the previous season, the tour chose to have 9 students to participate. .Mahmoud Mohey (Egypt); Third Winner from Egypt (Tie) .Nassim Reissi (Tunisia) (Tie) . - Star Academy 9: Abdallah Abd Al Aziz (Saudi Arabia) – 2 wins. Even though he did sing in Arabic on rare occasions, many felt that his Arabic singing was nowhere near up to the standards of the other contestants, and not worthy of a variety show that is primarily in Arabic. (Tie) Jack (Lebanon) (Tie) - Star Academy 4: Shatha hassoun(Iraq) – 2 wins. Star Academy 1: Bashar Shatti (Kuwait): 78.20% Abdallah Abd Al Aziz They then went on a Pan Arab tour, performing concerts in Dubai, Kuwait, Cairo, Alexandria, Amman, Damascus, and Beirut. ZeeZee Adel (Egypt) An Imam as Mecca’s Great Mosque called Star Academy a "weapon of mass destruction." Season 3, 2005: Marc-André Fortin 16. Season 7, 2009: Mario Álvarez [12], The ousting was said to echo the tension that already existed between Syria and Lebanon post-assassination, as there was widespread suspicion that the Syrians were implicated in the crime.[12]. (Tie) Star Academy, called Operación Triunfo ("Operation Triumph") in Spanish-speaking countries, is a highly successful television pop music talent contest with viewer voting and reality show elements. Le concept de l'émission est fortement inspiré de la version espagnole de Star Academy, Operación Triunfo. (Tie) Pasha Artemyev decided to share the award with the other finalists and to create the band. - Star Academy 3: Rym Ghazali (Algeria) – 5 wins; More than any contestant in Star Academy history. Mayssa Mejri - Star Academy 2: Ahmed S (Bahrain) – 4 nominations (Tie) Shahinaz (Egypt) Le 16 novembre prochain, les candidats de la Star Academy 4 vont se retrouver le temps d'un concert caritatif à Dammarie-Les-Lys. . There are many versions of the Star Academy or Operación Triunfo show, each country having its own slight variations, but the basic concept remains the same: contestants live in a boarding-school called "The Academy", managed by a director, and various teachers coach them in several artistic disciplines. . - Star Academy 6: Yehia Soweis (Jordan)- 4 wins; More than any contestant in Star Academy history. Season 2, 2003: Polina Gagarina . Los secretos de la próxima edición", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Star_Academy&oldid=1004723226, Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles needing additional references from January 2016, All articles needing additional references, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, El cielo puedes alcanzar (You can reach the heaven), Que cante tu corazón (Let your heart sing), Season 1-7: Круто ты попал на тв (Cool you got on tv), Season 1: Mi música es tu voz (My music is your voice), Season 1-4: Гимн Фабрики зірок (Hymn of Фабрики зірок), "Gala de los ganadores" (The Winners Gala), Miguel and Davinia (Operación Triunfo 3's finalists), Emanuel (finalist of Operación Triunfo 1), Yulia Savicheva(finalist of Fabrika Zvezd 2), This page was last edited on 4 February 2021, at 01:24. (Tie) Oumayma (Tunisia) Star Academy has sparked intense debates over the role of Islam in public life, Western cultural influence, gender relations, and political participation and has subverted Wahhabi notions of social order. When the overall number of candidates is reduced, the nomination by the professors comes down to two students. |soukaina 26.95% Faten 7.62% Hanane 65.43% This year's winner was Nassif Zaytoun from Syria. Endemol produced two versions for each channel. Learn how and when to remove this template message, "Second season of Star Academy TV show starts", "Star Académie de retour à l'hiver 2021 sur les ondes de TVA", "¿Cuánto habrá que pagar para ver OT? ABC cancelled the series after four episodes due to low ratings, and no results were announced. Season 10, 2018: Famous Oberogo The participants are filmed with cameras throughout the day and night (an idea borrowed from another of Endemol's major reality shows Big Brother).