Cast: Jack Lemmon, Shirley MacLaine, Fred MacMurray. Forrest runs so fast that the braces come off of his legs. While helping Doc, Tony can think of nothing but Maria, who is at home, waiting impatiently for the end of the evening, when she and Tony can be together. Later, seeing that Ellie is asleep, Peter rushes to New York, writes his story and sells it to his editor, Joe Gordon, so that he will have enough money to begin a life with Ellie. He returns to Cairo, where General Allenby persuades him to spearhead an attack on Damascus. Suspecting that Chrissie was a victim of a shark attack, Brody hurries to his office to make out a report and consult with the town physician. To O’Neill’s dismay, Harris gives him control over the platoon when gets back to camp. With her German language and secretarial skills, Sophie was allowed to personally serve Commandant Rudolf Hoess, and relocated to a private room in his cellar. The personnel officer drills Travis with questions, and warms to him when he realizes they both served in the Marines. AMERICAN FILM INSTITUTE… He took up boxing and Friendly bought a percentage of him, but his career faded. Greenhill brings in Mose, who has been held captive by Scar. Impressed and incredulous at the group’s tenacity in tracking over various terrains throughout the next day, Butch repeatedly wonders about the men’s identities. After reading Roger’s note, Eve meets him in her room where he tells her of the microfilm and Vandamm’s plan to do away with her. After stuffing Annabelle into a sack, Johnnie loads her onto a freight car attached to The General and then takes off towards the South. Will kills another of his attackers and takes cover in the livery stable, which the two remaining outlaws set on fire. Along the march, Crassus recognizes Antoninus and then, upon spotting Spartacus, guesses he may be his enemy, and orders the two men be kept alive until they reach his estate. Later, when Taylor himself arrives, he tells Jeff that he runs Paine, and that if Jeff is smart, he will cooperate. When Beethoven’s ninth symphony is then played, Alex spontaneously imagines scenes of public fornication and happily announces that he is “cured indeed.”. He desperately goes to Potter to borrow the money against the building and loan, or even his life insurance, but Potter dismisses him, taunting him that he is worth more dead than alive. At a fruit stand, he stumbles onto the beautiful but broke Ann Darrow as she is about to steal an apple for her dinner. He says she is an experiment, and a result of his efforts to create more human robots by instilling them with memories of a life they never lived. The American Film Institute asked more than 1,500 members of the film community to pick the 100 funniest films of all time. As Norma and what Joe calls "the waxworks," Hollywood old-timers Buster Keaton, Anna Q. Nilsson and H. B. Warner, are playing bridge one night, two men arrive and tow away Joe's car. Judah observes the team and admires them, but over dinner in Ilderim’s tent, refuses his suggestion that he drive the team for him in the arena. Outraged at the insubordination, Alex knocks Georgie into a river and knifes Dim’s arm when he tries to help Georgie. The others are met by Yai, a native guide who hates the Japanese, and four women bearers. Cast: Peter Fonda, Dennis Hopper, Antonio Mendoza, Producer: Peter Fonda|123915||Bert Schneider|19884, Writer: Peter Fonda|123915||Dennis Hopper|37743||Terry Southern|145337. As the chase continues, Johnnie is so absorbed with cutting wood to feed his boiler that he does not notice the hundreds of Confederate soldiers fleeing south as General Parker’s victorious Union army advances. After a visit with Bonnie's mother, the gang is surrounded in Dexter, Iowa. Mookie, a young African-American man, counts his cash at home then wakes up his sister, Jade, who fights to remain asleep. Stopping at the side of the road, Henry opens the trunk to reveal a man covered in blood, barely alive. Michael puts the gun to his own head, pulls the trigger, and makes it to the next round. Consumed with rage, Nathan insults Stingo’s novel and taunts Sophie for surviving Auschwitz while millions of Jewish people died. After Pop and Kayo are attacked outside, Father Barry presses Kayo to take action and Kayo agrees. Hurt, Terry reproaches his older brother for not looking after him and allowing him to become a failure and a bum by involving him with the mob. LEARN MORE ABOUT CITIZEN KANE. After school, Elliott shows the creature to Michael and Gertie, who yell in alarm, but agree to keep the creature a secret from their mother. Sure that he will kill them both, they flee to Washington, D.C. Stingo hopes to marry Sophie and raise a family on a farm in Richmond, Virginia, and she half-heartedly agrees to go, provided they do not wed. Afterward, Tommy summons Joey and Salvy, his arm in a sling and his face bandaged, to his headquarters at the Debonair Social Club and orders them to forget their argument and shake hands. Jake then goes to Hollis' estate to speak with him directly. Having read about the Alexanders, Webber refuses the gang entrance when they attempt the accident ruse again, but Alex then breaks into the house and bludgeons Webber unconscious with a large sculpted phallus, part of Webber’s erotic art collection. Marian reassures Joey that Shane is not a coward, but counsels him not to become too attached to him. Their passion for each other grows, with Sally hoping that this time, she has found the right man. Popeye, insisting the heroin is in the car, urges him to try again, and this time, they uncover 120 pounds of dope in the front grille. Draba overcomes Spartacus, but, unwilling to kill his compatriot, instead attacks Crassus and is immediately killed by a guard. They enter the Dwarf Mines of Moria and discover that the civilization there has been destroyed. Judah also gazes in awe at the young Nazarene, not understanding why he has offered help. The tramp uses his windfalls to help the flower girl. A dying Miller is surrounded by Privates Reiben and Ryan. The next morning, the two men are alone in the sea, with no ships in sight. Vaughn reminds Brody that closing the beaches requires a signed city ordinance and that the Fourth of July weekend is about to begin. Judy had not planned on reciprocating his love, however, and was distressed upon having to betray him by running to the bell tower, from which Elster threw the already dead body of his wife. Walter turns down Keyes' offer and after leaving the office, calculates his every move to avoid future suspicion, then hides in the Dietrichsons' car. After Sheldrake leaves, Fran swallows Buddy’s bottle of sleeping pills and passes out on his bed. She confesses her love to Joe, and he admits he wants her, too. Sally sobs that while her father tries to love her, he simply does not care and thinks she is "nothing." Elsewhere in the neighborhood, teenagers Cee, Ella, Punchy, and Ahmad hang out on a stoop as their friend “Radio Raheem” walks by, playing loud music by the hip-hop group, Public Enemy, from his portable stereo. Laurie is thrilled at the return of the man she really loves, but Charlie is angry and challenges Martin to a fight. Henry brings Michael back home, pointing out the helicopter on the way, and makes preparations for the elaborate Italian dinner he plans to cook that night. After a minor traffic accident, an encounter with a sleazy automobile salesman and various attempts to pick up a girl, he spots a poufy-haired blonde named Debbie, who he says looks like actress Connie Stevens. While in Sheldrake's office, Joe encounters studio reader Betty Schaefer, who pans the script as formulaic. After picking up Candy and Rose, friendly prostitutes with whom he is acquainted, he takes the men to a marina, where he convinces the harbor master to let them charter a boat, introducing himself and his cohorts as doctors from the mental institution. Outside a church, a mentally handicapped man named Smiley holds up pictures of Martin Luther King, Jr., and Malcolm X, saying that even though they are dead, people still need to fight against racism. That evening, Hooper visits the brooding Brody at home and reaffirms that the captured shark is not the one that killed Chrissie, and presses the chief to allow him to cut open the captured dead shark to explore its digestive remains. Andrews summons Peter to the house, and when he arrives, he presents Andrews with an itemized bill for $39.60, the amount he spent during the trip. In a happier moment in their relationship, Alvy and Annie Hall vacation at the seashore, and delight in each other’s company as they attempt to cook live lobsters for dinner. Although Nick makes it onto the helicopter, Steven falls back into the river and Michael jumps after him as the helicopter flies away. The tramp calls the police, but by the time they arrive, the crooks have vanished and the police arrest the tramp. Travis approaches Palantine, but, when he reaches into his coat, the secret service men see him and spring into action. Minutes later, however, Rocky chases after Mickey and hires him. Although Tom arrives with some back-up, the police can only break Jeff’s subsequent fall. Lila inches forward to tap the old woman on the shoulder, but when she swings around, Lila is horrified to find herself staring at a decaying corpse. He shoots Mike in the chest three times, and a group of Bar T ranchers shoot at Munny and the Kid as they flee. Returning home with an armload of bulrushes, the man hides them in the barn and climbs into bed and falls into a fitful sleep. As they pass through a haunted forest on their way to the witch's castle, the witch sends an army of winged monkeys, who capture Dorothy and Toto. Knowing only that the slab emits a deafening sound directed toward the planet Jupiter, the U.S. sends a huge spaceship, the, Early one morning, police arrive at a large house on Sunset Blvd. At Mel’s Drive-in, a favorite gathering place, waitresses on roller skates serve food to customers seated in their cars. However, Indy comes to her rescue and a gun battle ensues, setting the tavern ablaze. Soon after, Thorwald returns and finds Lisa, who is looking for Mrs. Thorwald’s wedding ring. Knowing they have been discovered, Joe and Jerry dress as a bellboy and a wheelchair-bound millionaire and head across the lobby filled with Spats’s men. After Pop pickpockets the quarter from Penny's purse, Penny accuses Lucky of theft and calls a policeman. However, Weinstock, knowing the police are after Sal, insists on taking more time before agreeing to Charnier’s price. He tells Red of his dream to escape to Zihuatanejo on the coast of Mexico. When Messala suddenly appears at the courtyard entrance, Judah appeals to him, but Messala coldly watches as Judah, Tirzah and Miriam are taken away. Miller and his men continue to Ramelle, where they find Private Ryan making preparations for an impending attack on the bridge he’s been defending. Still pursuing Roger, the plane swoops down at him and smashes into the tanker. The next morning, they are preparing to leave when they hear her father's detectives approaching. With help along the way from Glinda to battle a spell of the Wicked Witch, the four friends reach the Emerald City, where in the great hall of the Wizard, they see a terrifying apparition that identifies itself as “Oz” and lambasts Dorothy's companions for their deficiencies. Although Indy hijacks the truck, he is thrown from the speeding vehicle and slides underneath the carriage to regain control of the wheel. Realizing that Miss Gulch will come back, Dorothy runs away with Toto. Shattered, Scottie looks down at her body. McMurphy arrives at Ratched’s ward as she is leading a group therapy session in which she urges the men to discuss the marital and sexual problems of Harding, a well-spoken, educated patient who suspects his wife of infidelity. Blanche truly loves Mitch, but admits that she has had "many meetings with men." Though enraged, Gillespie reluctantly acquiesces in Tibbs's findings. Sometime later, Madeleine awakens Scottie late one night, telling him that she had a recurring nightmare about an old Spanish church. Joe soon learns that Norma's fragile but enormous ego is supported by the scores of fan letters she still receives, and two or three times a week, Max projects her silent pictures on her living-room movie screen. The alien uses its powers to levitate balls of clay into the air, mimicking the orbit of planets in the solar system, and revive a wilted flower.

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