. Traduction en français des paroles pour Reality par rudeboy. Shatta Wale No Shortage Lyrics. Take It. Rudeboy - Reason With Me Lyrics & Traduction. Abeg me I will live my life instead of dying for her. Lord Sky on the beat Say one for the money Two for the doe Three for the shawty Now I don blow one for the money Two for the doe Lord sky in the mix Huuuh Yeah, Yeahh. This reminds me of square for real and 2. for once I am not hearing a song saying I will even die for you and ur love, the reality is the opposite. Don't Miss. More RUDEBOY Lyrics. Paroles Rudeboy – Retrouvez les paroles de chansons de Rudeboy. Woman. Rudeboy - Double Double Lyrics & Traduction. Comments ( 4 ) oseni yinka joseph 2019-08-10 18:52:42. Got to face your reality. Rudeboy also known as Paul Okoye is a Nigerian singer and songwriter born on November 18, 1991. Promote the worst and slacky-tidey. RUDEBOY. Sir George and Emperor Faith. RUDEBOY. Me did deh deh when them jam up Arrow's. Rudeboy shufflin. Harmonize Yemi Alade Nyashinski – … Audio Money. A this a rudeboy shufflin. Up Next. Eh Ee yeah Onye egwu nu If I no marry you Na im be say I dey craze Go tell your mother Tell your father Make we relate Money go fall on you Blessings dey on the way Any man wey put asunder Na thunder Ah yeah Fire fire Chase them all away Me did deh deh when them cork up Tubby's. Oga. Inna the ghetto old fence vibrate. Rowzy Admin is a major editorial on rowzyradio.com and he is also a guest writer to other blogs Lyrics to chizoba by Rudeboy (Psquare) Oh yeah E yeah. Traduction de Reality par Richard Anderson {Les Rêves Sont Ma Réalité} Je t'ai rencontrée par surprise Je ne me suis pas rendu compte Que ma vie allait changer pour toujours Je t'ai vue là debout Je ne savais pas que tu m'intéressais Il y avait quelque chose de spécial dans l'air RUDEBOY. La traduction de Reason With Me de Rudeboy est disponible en bas de page juste après les paroles originales. Oh yeah oh yeah E yeah Oh yeah o yeah They don’t know Watsup o. RUDEBOY. Something is killing me slowly And I’m feeling so lonely Now I’m looking up to God o E yeah Paid my tithes I paid my dues See distractions everywhere Now me feeling emotions Ehh. Stiffnecked fools, you deny me. Reason With Me Lyrics: Say one for the money / Two for the doe / Three for the shawty / Now I don blow / One for the money / Two for the doe / Three … Nouveautés ou anciens hits, toutes les paroles de Rudeboy sont disponibles sur Paroles.net Back-way with you muffling. oseni yinka joseph 2019-08-10 19:12:39. Reason with me is a wonderful song with beautiful lesson for all ladies. Now the youth so viciously. Rudeboy – Reason With Me [Official Video] Related Topics: Latest African Music Rudeboy.